Explore the key bathroom trends for 2021

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Explore the key bathroom trends for 2021Whether you are looking to complete a full bathroom overhaul or just freshen things up you can sometimes feel a certain amount of pressure to ‘get it right’.

In most cases, the opportunity to revise your bathroom doesn’t come around too often so it’s a good idea to take stock of not only the functionality you want from your bathroom but also the ‘look and feel’ you want to create.

The bathroom is a very personal space and of course, it’s something that you will want to put your own stamp on, however, understanding the key trends and influences out there, and the bath and shower products available to help you achieve them could help you take your bathroom design to the next level.

In many cases people play it safe with their bathrooms, opting for white with chrome taps and a new set of towels. The old shower is removed and a new one, of a similar design, is put in its place. There can be many missed opportunities and you may not even be aware that it’s happening! So, if you are in the fortunate position of being at the start of a bathroom refurbishment then read on and take stock of our tips for key trends for 2021 in the bathroom industry. There are also a few simple tips that could help you think outside the box!

There are a number of key bathroom trends for 2021. Unsurprisingly the desire to create a luxury spa retreat within the home is very appealing and popular. The focus is on a clean, calm, and comfortable, a place you can unwind and relax in. Luxury bathroom fittings, earthy tones, inspirations taken from nature, and wonderful home fragrances. Experiment with house plants and give careful consideration to bathroom lighting. Soft lighting and high-quality accessories will help create an environment where you can de-stress after a hard day.
High end showers 2021Whilst the home spa is popular, the trend for the ‘industrial look’ continues into 2021, however, this year sees a slightly softer interpretation of its harsher predecessor. Many of the industrial favourites remain, such as copper piping, concrete, bare brick walls, wood. Careful selection of metal finish or matt black light fittings, and feature heating solutions also contribute to creating that industrial look. This years’ soft industrial look for bathrooms sees the introduction of softer shapes, materials, and textures to create a more comfortable, cosier feel.

In achieving the industrial look, and indeed across many of the bathroom trends, is the use of metallic tones and black accents. Black accents and Crittall style framing fit perfectly with the 2021 industrial look with thin, black metal frames for shower screens being a key contributor and proving exceptionally popular with many designers. Though there is an association with the Art Deco era, the use of matt black shower frames paired with the fluted glass gives a surprisingly contemporary feel and that mix of old and new can create a wonderfully eclectic mix. Indeed this can be taken further by introducing a statement bathroom piece, for example, a roll-top bath, mixed with other items or choices of a more contemporary style. A statement or vintage piece can work surprisingly well in your otherwise contemporary bathroom and create a quirky, eclectic mix.

Fluted glass is a great choice for 2021 and it has many qualities that work well across all of the bathroom trends we see emerging this year. Fluted glass works with urban style matt black shower frames and also other finishes popular for 2021 bathrooms, metallic finishes. Metal finishes were popular in the 60s and 70s and now metal is making a comeback! Finishes such as brushed copper, dark brushed bronze, and nickel all have the ability to transform a bathroom from ordinary to something opulent and stylish! Use these wonderful, brushed metallic finishes in your bathrooms and shower rooms for your windows, to frame shower screens and doors, and for bathroom hardware. Again, introduce vertically grooved, fluted glass to your interiors which, when paired with sensitively selected bathroom lighting, adds subtle detail, texture, and light-diffusing magic to your bathroom along with a degree of privacy.
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So, you may not be an interior designer, and you may not have the budget to employ one, but there are many sources of inspiration for your bathroom on the internet. Our advice is to spend time exploring what’s available and deciding what you do and don’t like. It can be more fun to get creative by placing less focus on your bathroom requirements and instead spend time looking at the overall atmosphere or vibe you want to create. It really doesn’t matter at this stage if your bathroom is a small space and you find yourself looking at large, luxurious bathrooms, you’re simply gathering inspiration! You might want to consider creating a bathroom mood board to collect your ideas together and present them collectively. This could include colours, textures, shapes, bathroom fixtures and fittings, metal finishes, swatches, soft furnishings, accessories, influences from nature. It’s good to look at both the broad strokes, but also the finishing touches as these can be the things that make a real difference.

Along with the creative bathroom design, there are of course the functional aspects of your bathroom to consider. We recommend investing in high-quality bathroom furniture from a reputable and experienced bathroom designer. They will also be able to offer you invaluable advice and recommend products that meet your needs and help you achieve the bathroom style of your dreams.